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With decades of experience as a Saab specialty shop, we’ve fixed all kinds of Saabs; from vintage racers, to the modern 9-3. We’re passionate about these vehicles and would love the opportunity to perform your next Saab Repair.

Saab Service

When it comes to maintenance, we provide a special kind of care. We’ll only recommend exactly what Saab service is needed to keep yours running strong.

Volvo Repair

Beginning as a Swedish specialty shop, we have stayed true to our roots and continue to provide quality Volvo repair with great attention to detail.

Volvo Service

At EAF, we can recommend and perform any Volvo Service the dealer can, at a more reasonable cost. Our techs will keep your Volvo running in tip-top shape, throughout the miles.

Professionally Servicing Most European Makes and Models

The European Auto Factory still has the same friendly people and service that you have counted on since 1978. We offer real value with fair prices and OEM standard parts. Utilizing the most up-to-date tools and diagnostic technology, you can expect quality service with every visit from our factory-trained technicians and caring staff.

With roots in Saab, Volvo, and Subaru Repair, as The Swedish Auto Factory, we’ve expanded our expertise over 37 years of service to welcome all European makes and models. We provide an alternative to impersonal and expensive dealership services with honest, face-to-face communication between customers and service technicians.

Once you get to our conveniently located shop in Santa Clara, our comfortable waiting room features free Wi-Fi, and we offer an exceptional rental rates via Hertz and Enterprise.

Customer Reviews
Mike N. from Los Altos on 10/18/2015:
"The guys at European/Swedish Auto Factory are excellent. They really know Saabs and do a very good job of servicing our 9 5 Aero. We've been going to them for years."
5 star rating

Gary R. from Palo Alto on 7/22/2014:
"My first time using EAF went very well. Highlights were that the service was friendly, the work was done competently and at a fair price, and I was able to get lots of work done on my laptop while I waited for my car to be done. Lowlight was that the job took longer than expected because they had ordered the wrong part. But, they recovered well. I will be using them again for sure."
5 star rating

Desiree S. from San Francisco on 7/16/2014:
"I had an '89 900 turbo that I serviced exclusively here. The guys there are great, and the trolls are a nice touch. They always explained repairs in detail, and I felt comfortable and confident with their recommendations. My Saab ran as well as she could until I had her retired. These guys made her a pleasure to drive."
5 star rating

Jr A. from Santa Clara on 5/15/2014:
"I took my 1996 Volvo 850, the car I bought last year to compensate for my substantial...ego, for the 120K mile service. There was also a noise, which would alert the public to my vehicular neglect, sounding from the right side of my car, so I had them check that out as well. Instead of suckering me into unnecessary repairs, they told me what was really going on and cleaned debris away from the back right wheel area. Therefore, I second the "utterly trustworthy" praise given. I will go back."
5 star rating

Chris O. from Saratoga, ca on 4/14/2014:
"Always friendly and more than competent. They will always find the time to help out even if there's no money in it for them - I have phoned with obscure and unprofitable questions on more than one occasion and been helped both immediately and efficiently. A very friendly bunch of guys who truly know their stuff. Not cheap but less than the dealerships charge, and if you value quality over price then you wouldn't expect them to be cheap anyway. Highly and unreservedly recommended to especially the older and more temperamental models (cars, that is, not owners!)"
5 star rating


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